List of Electron Configuration Chart of All Elements [PDF]

Electron Configuration Chart: Today through the use of our article, the users are going to know about certain terms of chemistry and without which the users or anyone cannot master the subject.

Therefore if you are one who is new to this subject and is finding difficulties in solving questions related to electronic configuration, then you have landed at the right place as today while you leave from here, you will be able to clear at least some of your concepts.

What is Electron Configuration?

Firstly for new users or students, it is very important that they keep practicing the topic because chemistry is almost similar to a subject like maths. Just like maths needs proper practice and time, similarly, chemistry also needs proper time and practice from time to time. One cannot be perfect in this subject in a day or two but in order to make it one of your favorite subjects, one has to study and keep revising the topic again and again.

What is Electron Configuration

When we talk about the term Electron Configuration Chart, in short words, it shows the exact distribution of various elements in their respective atomic orbitals. Every element has its own electronic configuration and no two elements can have the same. 

Electron Configuration Diagram of All Elements

Now as you have come to know what is meant by Electron Configuration Chart, the main use of electronic configuration is in finding the Valency of any or various elements. Apart from that it also helps in forecasting the certain properties of the elements which are present in the groups.

Electron Configuration Diagram of All Elements, Electron Configuration Chart Electron Configuration Diagram of All Elements, Electron Configuration Chart

One must also know that the elements whose Electron Configuration Chart are similar to each other, also exhibit similar properties. One must have heard about quantum chemistry, so electronic configuration plays a major role in quantum chemistry. 

One must have also come through the term which is named as shells and its subshells. So one doesn’t have to get confused as much as one is a part of the other. Shell is the gathering of the subshells with its principle quantum number (is same). If we say in short, then without subshell, the shell cannot be found, and similarly without shell, one cannot have its subshells. 

Sub shells are also similar to the shells, the only difference is that it is the gathering of orbitals with the same principal quantum number and angular momentum. One major point is that the subshells in which the electrons are divided are completely based on an azimuthal quantum number. The symbol of the term azimuthal quantum number is denoted by “I”. 

Electron Configuration Worksheet

Now many of the users must be wondering that they are now reading the content but how is it possible that they can use and refer to it anytime they want. So now is the solution and also a good opportunity for you guys as we are coming up with our new worksheet which will have the various electronic configuration of the elements.

Electron Configuration Worksheet

In today’s world, everything is almost chargeable and due to this reason, many users cannot afford some things which are related to education, today the fees of various private tuitions and coaching centers are so much that few students can’t even think to join. So to make it easier, we have come up with that solution and that is our worksheet is available free of cost, and no charges are needed in order to use our worksheet.

The users can refer to our worksheet and can download the worksheet and will be able to use our worksheet whenever they want. They can get the hardcopy of the worksheet too by going to any nearby printing shop and can get the printable form of it. The worksheet will have all the Electron Configuration Chart of every element and through our sheet, they can clear all their doubts and queries and can use it any number of times.

Electron Configuration Chart

Before you come to the part of electronic configuration, it is important that you come to know about the various elements of the periodic table. If you are looking for a periodic table along with its electronic configuration then you can find it in our worksheet as we have mentioned above. The worksheet has all the electronic configuration of every element, firstly it is important that the users must know how many elements are there in the periodic table.

Electron Configuration Chart

For those users who don’t know how many elements are there, so for them, the answer is that there are 118 elements mentioned in the periodic table. It is not very easy to remember all the elements but those students who are new to this subject, can learn the first 20 elements as they reach their higher level class or grade, they will be able to manage it to the first 20 elements. 

Apart from that it is also important to know the full Electron Configuration Chart of those elements, and in order to get the full information of any elements, we have mentioned our worksheet and they can get the full information there onwards. The users can master the topic in very few days only through the sheet and the most important thing about our worksheet is that it is open for all age groups, usually many users find difficulties in entering the information as it requires a certain age limit.

How To Do The Electron Configuration?

Many would have come across that if you learn a particular topic in the morning, so if in the evening you will try to remember it, you will surely not remember it the full concept, therefore it is important that you have to keep revising the topic again and again. Not only by reading it by doing it practically is more important that you get to the depth of it. 

Various things are too important in order to find the Electron Configuration Chart and that is that firstly it is important to know the atomic number of the element (without this one cannot find the electronic configuration), once you get to know the atomic number the next step is to find the charge of the element. Once you get to know the charge, then you need to understand the notation of the element and understand the Valency of those elements. Once you are done with the shells, then you can put them in their respective orbitals.

It is not a very difficult task to find the Electron Configuration Chart of the element. What only matters is how much time and devotion you are giving to the subject and whether it be this subject or any other, one has to clear their doubt, and then only it will be easier for them to master the subject.